What I am all about.

My name is Amir Alizadeh. Starting in 2018, I am studying for a master degree in computer science at Aalto University, Finland. I am currently working on developing VR controls for physically-based quadruped to map human body motions on animals. This project is based on this CHI PLAY 2018 paper.
Prior to this, I have 4 years of experience in the game industry by working for several companies as intern/programmer. Some of them are VOiD Studio, Medrick Studio and Arsheet.
I also served as the programmer of "Pursuit of Redemption" which is being developed by VOiD. Here is the trailer.


What I can do.

Unity Engine

I have had worked on couple of projects with Unity for about 4 years. Unity is my favourite game engine. I am familiar with Mecanim, Physics, Gameplay and Scripting. I am also experienced in XR development using Vuforia/SteamVR.



I have the experience of developing back-end projects using ASP.NET and Entity Framework as my data technology. I am currently woking on the server-side of an online application for sharing video games.


Javascript / PIXI

I have been developing HTML5 games using PIXI, starting from my career as game programmer at paf.


Computer Graphics - OpenGL

Through my computer graphics course in Aalto University lectured by Prof. Jaakko Lehtinen, I learned so many concepts including :
- Coordinate transforms & homogeneous coordinates
- Curves and splines
- Representation and interpolation of rotations
- Particle systems and ODEs - Mass-Spring modeling
- Basics of computer animation and skinning
- Rendering techniques



I have used Python as well as Django framework in my web course at Aalto.
I have also used python for optimizing human computer interaction models in my Computational User Interface course.


Database / SQL Server

I am familiar with database principles and how they work together efficiently. I can design optimized database schemas for various projects based on the project itself.

Hard Skills

Must-have though.

Git & Version Control






Database knowledge

Soft Skills

Deep inside.







Problem Solving

Language Skills

A, B, C, ...

English Speaking


English Listening


English Writing


English Reading

Persian - Native


Yes. I've been around.
June 2019 – Present

Paf Game Studio

Game Programmer

Finland, Helsinki

I started my career as a game programmer at Paf game studio on the 1st of June 2019. Working in a new environment in a new country with totally new tools was challenging for me. However, it gave me the possibility to get familiarized with a professional idea-to-production pipeline with engineers, designers, and artists at its core. My responsibility was purely from maintaining old legacy code from Paf's old games to developing new games with their new technology. I also had the chance to learn best practices in dealing with and diving in large codebases.

2016 – Present

VOiD Game Dev Team


Iran, Tabriz

I’m honored to be a member of VOiD, a group of 6 independent student-based game development team, and also responsible for the technical side of a game project named “Pursuit of Redemption” at Innovation Center of the University of Tabriz. The game will be released on Google Play in 2019. Here is the link to the game trailer.
As the programmer, I was also responsible for implementing VOiD website as well as an online system to capture players statistics to balance our levels' difficulty using data visualization.


Medrick Game Studio

Gameplay Programmer Trainee

Iran, Tehran

I served as a technical intern of the client-side team and learned principles of game development using the Cocos2d framework in C++ and finally used it to make my own internship project, which was an online question-based mini-game.



Software Programmer Trainee

Iran, Mashhad

I acted as an intern working on the principles of Android app design, database fundamentals, and web front-end development. I was also responsible for developing "Employee Monitoring System", an application for logging entrance and exit of employees.


Lazy isn't in my vocabulary.
2018 – Present

Aalto University

Master of Computer Science

Espoo, Finland

My major is computer science ( web technologies track ) and I have also taken a minor in game production and design. I am currently working on physically-based animation in VR under the supervision of Prof. Hämäläinen.
Relevant courses: Computer Graphics, Design of WWW services, Web Software Development, Computational User Interface.

2014 – 2018

University of Tabriz

Bachelor of Computer Science (IT)

Tabriz, Iran

Total GPA: A
My major was Computer Engineering (IT). During my studies, I was assigned as technical manager of the University's game laboratory.
Here you can see one of my academic writings on video games. Relevant courses: Data Structures, Advanced Programming, AI, Algorithms, Automata Theory, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems.

2015 – 2016

Iran Game Development Institute

Online Game Developent Degree

Tehran, Iran

I was a student at IGDI for one year working with some industry experts and took courses like Game Design Principles, Game Art, Game Development Workflow.
Iran Game Developent Institute


Happy times!

Gold Mazalakh Award Winnter 2018

Most Innovative Video Game of Northwest of Iran 2017